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Massive Summer Update!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a little while since my last post, so here’s a big round up of all the cool stuff I’ve been working on this summer!! It’s been a whirlwind! I got engaged to fellow artist Brent Peeples, we bought a house, we renovated the house, we moved into the house… I went to Houston and had a fantastic time (as always) for Comicpalooza! Then we had a month off and worked on commissions and started painting the kitchen cabinets (no, they’re still not done – they take forever!)

In August, we went to Kansas City and had a blast! Our pal Ande Parks showed us around the city and we had some great dinners with some awesome artists and general badasses in the comic industry! In September we drove (yes, drove) from Dallas to Baltimore for Baltimore Comic Con! My Archie Squishy painting (below) was in the Baltimore Comic Con 2016 Yearbook! In case you were wondering, it takes 2 days and a whole lot of patience, each way, to go from TX to MD! But we made it! Caught up on our Ink Pulp Audio podcast listening while we drove, so that’s a plus!

This past week I launched my new Patreon page, where I’ll be sharing some awesome rewards in return for small monthly donations – if you haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s like Kickstarter’s cousin, but instead of one large contribution towards a single project, it’s a smaller monthly contribution towards artists in general, and you get cool rewards every month, too! These range from access to a Patron-only blog, private Periscope drawing hangouts, physical prints mailed to your door, pdfs and time-lapse videos, and more! Check it out and let me know what you guys think! [Visit my Patreon page here]

Also I have almost reached that magical (I am told) 1000 number on Instagram! If you aren’t already following me on there, I am @texaswolf ! That’s generally what is easiest for me to keep updated, so that’s a great place to follow me and see what I’m up to!! Besides that, I’ve just been working on commissions and I’ll be doing so until we fly out to Arizona next month for Tucson Comic Con. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, here’s a ton of art! (There’s a few from before the summer thrown in, they seem to have slipped through and not made it to my previous updates!)


archiesquishysm batgirlsketchcovercommission bootssquishysmall bowie dorkbuzz1sm dorksquadsm galadrielfb jonsnowsm msmarvelsm ripleyalienfb shirosmall stormsm ash_v_deadpool she-hulk-1 eleventhealexanderssquishy4x6 blm85x11_2  sqishy-falloutsm destiny beequeensquishy biology yubnub terra stephenuniverse sallycover medusamom

johnny5 death elektrasketchcover dkiiicover

(Above: Batman by Brent Peeples and Robin/Carrie by me on Frank Miller signed DKIII sketchcover.)

butteryflyfairy jaye spacesquishy85x11  wednesdaytwo85x11warmother

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