Artwork by Emily Rose Romano: Illustrator. Photographer. Videogamer. Herder of cats.

Amazing Las Vegas & Amazing Houston Comic Con 2014

Here are some photos from Amazing Las Vegas in June and Amazing Houston in August! They were my first two Amazing Comic Con show and I had a wonderful time!


First order of business for Vegas was to Tetris the car.

Then we dodged some tornadoes to actually get to Vegas – no photos of those, but I can assure you neither of us will ever forget!


Jessica’s and my tables



10406819_658923181310_1582726687001818639_n 10455583_658545248690_124814454519383270_n


Thanks for a wonderful show!

Oh, and tornadoes on the way home, because why not. (We should probably just change professions to storm chasers!)


The infamous heart-shaped glasses.


We know awesome people who bring us cookies and popcorn! Thank you!

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