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I design super personalized save-the-dates, elegant wedding invitations, cute family portraits, book covers, comic book pinups, hand drawn logos, and much more!

Photo Retouching and Photography

I love photo retouching. I generally live in photoshop doing editing, but you can tempt me out into the real world too, if you need me behind the camera!

Design & Awesome Miscellany

Need a basic website? I gotchu. Book proofread? I’m there. Business cards or logo? Check. Painting of your cat dressed up like Eleven from Stranger Things? It won’t be the first time. Chances are, if it has anything to do with illustration, photography, design, books, comics, or the computer, I’ve got your back.

Team Player

I have strong creative project management skills and enjoy being part of a team and making something great together. I utilize my perfectionist nature to tweak small details until they’re just right.  Fitting that last piece of the design puzzle into place makes me giddy. Expanding my skillset makes me even happier.

Fun Facts

270 Instagram Posts

2 Covers Published

100 WPM Typing Speed

29 States and 6 Countries Visited

About Me

Illustrator. Photographer. Videogamer. Herder of Cats.

For 9 years, I’ve worked as a freelance photoshop retoucher, photographer, designer, and illustrator, creating everything from convention sketches to portraiture, promotional graphics, book covers, unique bridal portraits, logos, websites, and custom wedding invitations.

For 3 years I worked at Baltimore-based creative agency Mission as a product and portrait photographer, associate producer, and video editor, producing videos for tv and web, corporate portraits, and sports equipment catalog campaigns.

I work with a range of clients including start-ups, advertising and creative agencies, individual art collectors, and entrepreneurs. I believe in delivering innovative, beautiful, and inspiring visual design to bring value and enjoyment to all of my clients.

When I am not creating art, you can find me in the gym with my husband, reading comics and very thick novels, or playing videogames.

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